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Coyote Creek Lagoon Off-Trail

Coyote Creek Lagoon Off-Trail

On Sunday D. and I returned to the Coyote Creek Lagoon trail to go off-trail in another direction.  It wasn't very interesting, but here are some of the pics I took anyway.

Rose hips are ripening at the trailhead.

Canada geese hang out in Coyote Creek.

A black-necked stilt wades in a pond in the salt marsh.

This stilt is yelling at us in a high shrill voice as we pass by.

The reason for the screamin': its chick swims nearby.

Snowy egrets in Coyote Creek.

Looking across the marsh.

The trail is extremely overgrown and full of tinder-dry weeds.

Seaside heliotrope.

A view across the creek, choked with vegetation.

Small ponds dot the marsh.

A buckeye pod, with tiny spines.

A prickly pear cactus is bearing fruit.

Another look across the marsh.

Someone's ukulele lessions haven't paid off, I guess.

Cheerful graffiti in a drainage culvert near the trailhead.

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