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Sunnyvale Levees

Sunnyvale Levees

On Sunday D. and I visited the levee trails near Sunnyvale Baylands, and I took some pics.

Dead thistles greet us near the trailhead.

The view across the marsh.

A white pelican swims near the water treatment plant ponds.

The hooked beak of a double-crested cormorant is visible in this pic.

A ground squirrel basks in the trail's warm dirt.

A mallard family is out for a swim.

The trail circles the water treatment ponds.

Wilson's phalaropes are a type of sandpiper that eat small aquatic invertebrates.

Pelicans take flight across the ponds.

The levees run between water treatment ponds, and host warning signs for visitors.

The landing lights on this jet taking off from nearby San José International Airport lend it a somewhat ominous appearance.

Ruddy duck hen.

Looking across the marsh on our way back.

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