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Metson Lake

Metson Lake

On Sunday D. and I did an errand in San Francisco, and then afterward we visited Metson Lake in Golden Gate Park, and I took some pics.

Metson Lake.

It has an odd green color, unlike the other lakes in Golden Gate Park.

A school of Sacramento suckers draws curious children to the shore.

Sacramento suckers mostly eat algae, invertebrates, and detritus in lakes and streams.

A Botta's pocket gopher pokes its nose out of its hole at the lake shore to grab some grasses for its underground nest, where it spends most of its time.

One of several red-eared sliders swims in the lake.

A brilliant pink sweet pea in bloom at the lake's shore.

Fry cluster around a fallen petal in the lake.

A mallard hen, and a gull.

Blackberry blossom.

Mallard hens on the lake.

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