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NWR Ravenswood Trail

NWR Ravenswood Trail

On Saturday D. and I visited the Ravenswood Trail at the National Wildlife Refuge, and I took some pics.

The trail runs along a salt evaporation pond, which is bright red due to halophilic bacteria living in the water.

Mesembryanthemum in bloom.

A little sandpiper trots along the crust of salt at the edge of the pond.

The trail.

White pelicans wheel over Ravenswood Slough.

A dead crab on the levee.

Power lines stride along the landscape, like an electric forest.

A little glob of algae, surrounded by bubbles, floats on the water.

Maintenance boardwalks lead to the power lines.

A wing, probably from a gull.

Looking toward the Dumbarton Bridge.

Unappetizing-looking scum builds up at the edges of some ponds.

Looking straight up from the bottom of the one the power line towers.

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