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Wildlife Refuge At Sunset

Wildlife Refuge At Sunset

On Sunday it was so hot all day long, so in the evening D. and I went to the wildlife refuge in Fremont to try to catch a cool breeze along the shore of the Bay.  There wasn't much of a breath of air stirring while we were there, but we did see a pretty sunset.  Here are some of the pics I took.

Floofs are a sign summer is over.

A western fence lizard basks on a rock.

Not even seed heads remain on this thoroughly dried fennel stalk.

A look up Newark Slough as the sun gets lower.

A snowy egret hunts for food on the bank of the slough.

A hacklemesh weaver's irregular web catches the evening light.

The salt pond is as flat as glass.

The sky blazes orange due to wildfire smoke from the north.

The salt pond's surface becomes a mirror.

A moment of calm when the sun has sunk below the mountains.

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