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Lake Merced

Lake Merced

On Saturday D. and I did an errand in San Francisco, then we spent some time at Lake Merced before heading back home.  Here are some of the pics I took.

Raccoons here are acclimated to people and will approach quite closely -- not always a good thing.

When I don't offer any food, this one ambles away and climbs a tree.

This young one is very cute.

There are many waterfowl in the lake.

A look at another part of the lake.

Dragon boats, moored at the lake's edge, peek out from the reeds.

A look at the sky.

Autumn means it's floof season.  The coyote brush bushes near the lake are overachievers, producing prodigious seas of lighter-than-air floof that sails away in billows on the slightest breeze.

Autumn also means dried flower stalks, turning brown and brittle in the weak sun.

California aster, still hanging on with a few blooms.

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