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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 6-5-2005 8:49 PM
Subject: 'Patrick Says'
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Tags:cat, patrick
'Patrick Says'

(While going through some old papers and scraps with little cat songs scribbled on them, I found this instruction paper from when I had to go back to Connecticut for 5 days in 2001 and M. had to take care of Patrick while I was gone.)


Feed me: 1 tsp wet food, incl. 1/2 terbutaline tablet, crushed; 4 drops flower essences; 2 pinches psyllium husk; 1 tiny pinch acidophilus; splash bottled water

1/4 C dry food

fresh bottled water, w/ 4 drops flower essences added

4 chlorella tablets

Check my litterbox; clean as necessary

Feed me: wet food as above; dry food as above

Check my litter box; clean as necessary

Late Night:
Give me: tiny blob of CET toothpaste on fingertip (size of pea)

If I cry, lead me quietly to my food and sit with me while I eat.

I love my brush -- hold it vertically and let me rub my face on the bristles.

Brush or comb me a little if you wish (I may or may not feel like it).

Watch out for litterbox accidents -- I can't clean off my rear end very well and may leave marks on the floor.

Sometimes I spill my water -- sop up wet spots, please.

Thank you.

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