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Babelfishing Poetry: "I'm An Unbelievable Sword!"

Babelfishing Poetry: "I'm An Unbelievable Sword!"

Hello!  And how are you today?  Good?  Yes?  No?  In-between?  So-so?  Comme ci, comme ça?  A little iffy?  Rather not say?  Keeping it a secret?  It's a mystery?  Being coy about it?  Can't decide?  Have to think about it a little longer?  Wanting to hedge your bets?  Need to consult with someone about it?  Who even cares?  None of the above?  All of the above?  While you figure it out, let's enjoy some more Babelfishing poetry, where I take song lyrics, run them through an on-line translator such as (but not necessarily) Babelfish, shake up the punctuation a bit, and wind up with a quirky kind of poem.

This week's song, chosen at random, is Ziggy Marley's "Love Is My Religion" (watch video here).  Enjoy. 

I'm An Unbelievable Sword!

Love, I do love love, but I love thee for a love, and I love thee for a love, but I love thee.
The tree is done.  I will presume it, and I blame my fault.
I'm unknown white.
Show it to your loved ones, because no one gets lost.

I'm an unbelievable sword!  I'm a sword.
Where our sights are in favor of Norway,
he died with honor.
If you know it, you know the foul; I have confidence.

It has been a while.
I have seen my love.
Self-explanatory love.
I pray you discover me,
if you don't use your daughter-in-law's unnecessary death.

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