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Heron's Head Park

Heron's Head Park

Here are some pics from a visit on Sunday to Heron's Head Park in San Francisco.

Looking southeast across India Basin toward Hunter's Point.

There are a few shorebirds poking about at the water's edge -- a willet, and an avocet.

Looking toward San Francisco Bay, where a couple of container ships at anchor can be seen.

Someone has created a shrine in a cluster of small shrubs next to the trail.

A western gull gazes into the water for a moment.

The Ocean Network Express container ship ONE Crane awaits its turn to sail into the Port of Oakland and unload its cargo.

Looking across the industrial part of the city toward downtown.

Yarrow is in bloom among tinder-dry grasses.

Graffiti on a boxcar parked at the recycling facility across the basin from the park.

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