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Pescadero Creek

Pescadero Creek

Last week D. and I decided to go to the tidepools at Pigeon Point, even though the low tide that day was going to be relatively high.

But once we got over the hill and on the road to San Gregorio and saw the heavy marine layer of dull gray fog sweeping in from the ocean over the fields, we decided to forego the tidepools for the day and go instead a few miles further to a place on Pescadero Creek D. had discovered several months ago.

So we swung down the coast to Pescadero, and once we turned back up into the hills to follow Pescadero Creek, we were blessed with beautiful clear sunshine and mild temperatures.

Pescadero Creek flows year-round from springs in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and is very close to a deposit of natural gas and oil, which has not been extracted.  The general area used to be logged but fortunately the visual signs of this activity are minor.

We stopped along the road near the village of Loma Mar, among the redwoods, alders and ferns, and scrambled down the bank to the creek.  Here's some pics I took of what we saw.

Views downstream.

Views upstream.

Leaves in an alder thicket creekside.

Fallen bigleaf maple leaf and grass seeds on a gravel bar in the creek.

Pacific banana slug.  One of three D. and I sight along the creek, this one is approximately 6" / 15 cm long.

Shallow water rushing over rocks.

Ladybugs are busy on an alder leaf.

Blackberry blossoms bloom on large shrubby trees all along the creek banks.

And here's a couple of nice pics D. took.

As the sun slowly sinks behind the stately and serene redwoods, we have a picnic dinner at a curve in the stream on a tiny beach of very fine damp sand.  All we can hear is the creek rushing past in the shallows, making its way toward the vast Pacific.  Deep shade steals down the creekbed, tree by tree, fern by fern.  The water holds no more glints of sun.  Dampness and chill settle around our shoulders.  The day is ending.  It is time to go home.

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