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Charleston Park and Shoreline Park

Charleston Park and Shoreline Park

On Sunday D. and I went to Charleston Park to look at the fig tree growing out of the crown of one of the palms in the park.  Last time we'd seen a wild parrot in the tree, but there was no sign of it this time.

So we wandered around there and moseyed over to Shoreline Park to look for burrowing owls.  Their nesting time is over, so we struck out with them as well.  At least we got out of the house for a while.

Here's some pics I took.

The top of the Shoreline Amphitheatre visible from Charleston Park.

A bloom on one of the masses of small rose bushes planted on one side of the park.

A dry hillside at Shoreline's Vista Slope.  The little orange cone at the hilltop marks a now-empty burrowing owl nest site.

Looking across vegetation-choked Permanente Creek to the faint blue Santa Cruz Mountains on the horizon, with a layer of white fog pushing in.

The hills are summer-dry already.

Some of the ubiquitous milk snails (Otala lactea), a non-native species making themselves at home here, estivating for the long, dry summer.

Some of the pointy rooftops at Google's headquarters across the street from Charleston Park.  Looking across Mountain View, with the Santa Cruz Mountains in the distance.

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