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Where's George?

Where's George?

Yesterday I noticed something stamped on one of the dollar bills in my wallet.

So I went to and entered the information (without registering).  It seems I was the first one to log info about that particular bill, and it only traveled 13 miles to reach me.

I haven't spent it yet.

Back in the military base closure era I heard about MINSY Money.  The Mare Island Naval Shipyard near Vallejo in Solano County used to account for a significant portion of the San Francisco Bay Area's economy, and when the base was threatened with closure they stamped all their paper money with "MINSY Money" so people would know how big a role it played when they did their shopping and had the bills turn up in their cash transactions.

I never saw any MINSY Money.  The shipyard was decommissioned in 1996.

The only other notable thing I've seen stamped on money was one making George Washington say "I Grew Hemp" (and that was like 12 or 15 years ago).

I wonder where my little bill will turn up next? 

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