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The Lovesick Pigeon

The Lovesick Pigeon

Lately there has been a big, fat, glossy pigeon building a nest above my bay window. Some pigeons are pretty ratty-looking, but this one is a magnificent, healthy specimen. I see it flying up and down from above the window, and there are little twigs from the nearby mayten trees piling up on the fire escape underneath. Early each evening it lands on the fire escape and struts around for a while.

This evening I saw the pigeon land on the fire escape, sidle up to a mourning dove that was already sitting there and start doing the "Hey, babe, come here often? I'm the hottest thing with two wings" dance, flirting outrageously. The mourning dove was all, "Get away! WTH? You're not my type!! Go away!! Creep! Pervert!!" The confused pigeon then flew up above the window, and the mourning dove eventually flew away down the street.

I never knew a pigeon would consider dating outside its own species.

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