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Wave Organ

Wave Organ

Here are some pics from a visit to the area around San Francisco's Wave Organ (which was a rather underwhelming auditory experience) on Monday.

The huge container ship Seaspan Adonis slowly sails past after entering the Golden Gate.

A massive wall of fog encroaches under the Golden Gate Bridge into the Bay.

Western gulls.

A mesembryanthemum grows in a crevice among the Wave Organ stones.

At a small beach near the yacht harbor, a Heermann's gull runs back and forth in the waves looking for tiny crustaceans to eat.

A snowy egret joins the gull in search of food.

The city skyline.

The fog is getting seriously thicker.

Brown pelicans soar low over the Bay.

The hybrid ferry boat Enhydra plies the Bay, full of picture-taking tourists.

Many smaller vessels are on the Bay, holding their own against the massive wall of fog.

A kiteboarder, looking small and insignificant, is about to be engulfed in the fog.

More pelicans skim over the water.

Fennel in bloom along the path.

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