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San Francisquito Creek

San Francisquito Creek

Here are pics from a visit to part of the San Francisquito Creek bed (and nearby neighborhood streets) on Monday.

Looking upstream through a tunnel under Chaucer St.

"The coolest spot in Paradise . . . " is apparently in the San Francisquito Creek bed. 

This creek bed contains less trash than others in this area, but there are some notable items.  First, a tire.

This trash is cash!

One of several golf balls along the creek bed.

Household safes pried open and jewelry boxes emptied, likely from a home robbery in the neighborhood.

Graffiti on a retaining wall.

Fallen cottonwood leaves make bright splashes of yellow against the dark sand.

A little toy construction guy, covered with sand.

A buckeye.

Looking upstream prior to going back up out of the creek bed and onto surface streets.

The most-secure pumpkin in Palo Alto.

♪♫♪ Ah-oooooo, Werewolves of Palo Alto . . . ♪♫♪

Autumn foliage.

Um, no thanks. 

A cute pumpkin and brilliant Japanese maple foliage create a festive autumn feeling.

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