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Grant Lake, May 3, 2008

Grant Lake, May 3, 2008

D. and I took our 6th trip to Grant Lake in May. We thought we'd lost these pictures (all taken by D.). It took a while, but we found them. Here they are.

Beautiful Grant Lake.

Some of the many purple flowers we see on the trail.  It's called Blue-eyed Grass (not a true grass).

Los Huecos (Spanish for "the hollows") Trail.

Oaks on Los Huecos Trail.

Los Huecos Trail.

Hills beyond the trail.

Another purple flower, filaree.

Looking down on Grant Lake from the Los Huecos Trail.

A mass of mistletoe on a live oak.  It is parasitic and sends roots down into the oak branches to take nutrients for itself.  Many of the oaks in the park have mistletoe infestations.

We see many turkey vultures soaring on the thermals rising from the hillsides.

Chalcedon Checkerspot Butterfly on yarrow.

A series of pics sweeping from west to southeast from the Los Huecos Trail, starting with the north side of Grant Lake.

Grant Lake from even higher on the trail.

The trail winds up farther into the oak woodlands.

The trail plays peekaboo with the Lick Obervatory on top of Mt. Hamilton as it winds through the trees.

Another turkey vulture soars in the warm afternoon air.

Oak trunk riddled with woodpecker holes and a mystery hole.

More turkey vultures riding the thermals.

The trail continues up.

Bicolored lupin.

There are so many pink and purple flowers along the trail.  This looks like vetch.

The path goes ever on.

Trail map . . . binoculars . . . camera . . . bag with water, cell phone, hand lens, first aid kit, canvas gloves, bug repellant, toilet paper and sunblock --- I'm ready for anything.

More trail.  The dark mass in the upper park of the oak tree is more mistletoe.

These purple flowers are some kind of thistle.

A weathered log bakes in the hot afternoon sun, exposed to the elements.

Looking back toward Grant Lake, as we climb higher.

"Honey, does this wide-angle lens make me look fat?"

Yarrow flowers.

More pretty pink flowers (checkerbloom).

A stand of California poppies are a patch of brilliant orange at the trailside.

Another hiker on the trail.


A gnarly-looking insect on a leaf.

More views of the stunning scenery of the Diablo Range.

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