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Palo Alto VA

Palo Alto VA

Here are some pics from a visit with friends on Sunday to the Veteran's Administration Medical Center in Palo Alto to see the sculptures and other sights on the campus.

Horizon by Ray King is a sculpture comprised of holographic glass on the sides of a parking garage, featuring Morse code translations of quotes from Abraham Lincoln and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Gradient Arc, a painted fiber glass obelisk by Phillip K. Smith III, represents purity, hope and transformation.

Triumph by Richard Deutsch is a multi-piece work made of Corten steel, granite, and cast bronze.

A small offering left on one of the stone benches near Triumph.

Dry autumn leaves are strewn everywhere underfoot, catching the afternoon sun.

A side view of the main medical building.

As the sun shifts, the holographic glass of Horizon goes technicolor.

At the Wellness Center we see The Apparent Junction of Earth and Sky, by Ball-Nogues Studio.  Based on a photograph of a man in a swimming pool, it is comprised of over 30,000 colored pixels of brushed stainless steel fins.

It is almost abstract, unless it is viewed from just the right angle.

One of the flowers in the Rose Garden.

Cute little ladybug stones hide under some rose bushes.

Autumn foliage glows like jewels, backlit by the sun.

Another look at Horizon and its ever-changing play of color.

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