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Grant Lake, June 2008

Grant Lake, June 2008

Pics (taken by D.) from our most recent trip (our 7th) to Grant Lake on June 22.

Beautiful Grant Lake at sunset.  The sky is hazy from smoke from the wildfires burning in the region at the time.

A thick layer of dried algae on the lake's exposed bed.

Holes from bird's beaks probing the once-wet mud.

The air swarms with swallows.  We think we see 3 kinds: barn, cliff and violet-green.  Here are juvenile cliff swallows in a tree, waiting to be fed by their parents.

Here they are in flight, wheeling and circling through the evening sky.

We also see wild turkeys having a drink at the far shore of the lake; California quail running through the underbrush; cinnamon teal and ruddy ducks on the lake; redwing blackbirds; a hooded oriole; red-tailed hawks; turkey vultures; and a white-tailed kite.

A cow has a drink at the lake's edge.  Cattle graze on parkland occasionally.

Deer foraging near the lake edge.

A little toadlet.  We see dozens of them hopping in and out of the cracks in the dried mud at the edge of the lake.  They are juvenile California toads.

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