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La Riviere Marsh Trail

La Riviere Marsh Trail

Sunday evening D. and I took a picnic dinner and visited the wildlife refuge across the Bay in Fremont. We walked the La Riviere Marsh trail to look for birds. (All pics by D.)

Mountain lion warning. No, we didn't see any.

A view across the marsh. It used to be a salt crystalization pond, but it has been restored to something pretty close to its original habitat.

The trail in the early evening.

It's high tide in the salt marsh.

Northern harrier on patrol.

The trail is a boardwalk over the low, marshy areas in between old levees.

One of the low, marshy areas in between old levees.

Gum plant (Grindelia stricta). Its bright yellow flowers were everywhere in the marsh.

More marsh.

An observation deck juts out from the boardwalk trail.

One of the largest funnelweaver webs I've ever seen.

Looking northwest across the refuge. Equipment from an old quarry on the other side of Highway 84 is visible in the distance.

This chained but ajar gate at the end of the trail on the refuge's boundary gives us mixed messages.

Decaying remnants from the salt pond days are found throughout the marsh.

Pickleweed (Salicornia spp.) growing right in the middle of the trail, backlit by the setting sun.

Greater yellowlegs wade in search for tiny creatures to eat.

An egret flies past us to better fishing grounds.

When it landed in the slough, we saw it was lame, heavily favoring its right leg.

Dramatic agave inflorescences tower over the Harrier Spur Trail.

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