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West Coast Meet-Up: Intel Museum and Memorial Park

Saturday: Inside the Intel Museum

Here's a couple of pics from our visit to the Intel Museum Saturday, where we learned all about how they make computer chips. (It takes a lot of steps and many layers of photoresist, over and over; we concurred that resistance is futile.)

D. (a.k.a. Osiris) playing with the interactive wall of "digital rain."  You hold out your hands against the wall, and the projected "rain" of 1's and 0's bunch up in your hands and eventually slip off.

Me (a.k.a. Nebula) with a mannequin decked out in a clean room "bunny suit."

Sunday: A day at Memorial Park among the redwoods.

After gathering at Duarte's in Pescadero village, we travel up Pescadero Creek Road to Memorial Park in San Mateo County, nestled among the redwoods.

Mr Punkin tends the fire.

A bead bracelet Punkin was making.

A lovely bouquet for the picnic table.

Healthy, delicious fruits to enjoy.  The pineapple got marinated in teriyaki sauce and grilled -- yum!

Summer squash on the grill.

Punkin slicing heirloom tomatoes for a salad.

Pescadero Creek, where it flowed past the campground.

Looking up into the redwood canopy by the banks of the creek.

Squirrel perched on a redwood trunk, looking for food to scrounge when we're not looking.

For some reason I have an image of the unlawful assembly of trees in my mind.

It's reassuring to see the obvious stated anyway.

A banana slug next to the campsite. A ubiquitous redwood forest denizen, it's also the UC Santa Cruz school mascot.

Osiris, Nebula, MuffinMan, Punkin, Adria, Mr Punkin.

So, same time next year, guys?

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