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In search of pelicans in Palo Alto

In search of pelicans in Palo Alto

D. and I went to the Palo Alto Baylands nature preserve on this clear, hot morning to look for pelicans. I took these pics.

The control tower of the nearby Palo Alto Municipal Airport is visible across an inlet from the preserve's interpretive center.

A pair of balloons stuck in the marsh.  Very bad for the wildlife.

D. obligingly hikes out there to retrieve them.  When he pops them it resounds like gunshots across the marsh.  A few minutes later back on the trail, another hiker thanks him for getting rid of the balloons.

A couple of bird sculptures at the Adobe Creek Trail entrance.

Pelicans in flight, coming in to the marsh.  These birds are so ungainly on the ground, yet so extraordinarily graceful in flight.

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