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Stevens Creek (Unofficial) Trail, With Graffiti - Pahavit's Universe — LiveJournal

Date: 10-12-2008 9:06 PM
Subject: Stevens Creek (Unofficial) Trail, With Graffiti
Security: Public
Tags:field trip, graffiti, highway 85, stevens creek trail
Stevens Creek (Unofficial) Trail, With Graffiti

This afternoon D. and I returned to the section of the Stevens Creek Trail that is under development. Instead of walking up the creekbed like we did the last time, we walked on the trail today, and I took some pics.

The future trail, along the Highway 85 soundwall.  The soundwall had a galley of graffiti along it, for about 3/8 mile, all the way to the tunnel where the creek crosses under the highway.

Here are some of the more memorable images.

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