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Consult with RP, July 7, 2005

Consult with RP, July 7, 2005

July 7, 2005
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Consult with RP

"The picture that he sends me is very charming and very silly at the same time. It is his beautiful black and white body with sort of angel wings. And he's kind of kidding, you know; it's silly and adorable at the same time. And it's kind of a symbol for being on the other side.

"I told him how grateful you are for the lessons in unconditional love and affection: 'E. commented that she thought she knew but she didn't until you arrived,' and the relationship was kind of a struggle and a lot of difficulty at the beginning. And very gravely he said, 'I learned something too.' And of course I couldn't resist, so I said, 'Oh, tell me more! What did you learn?' And he said, 'I learned about *not giving up*, and also about *receiving*,' you know, because he was a little closed, so that was a big thing for him.

"I told him how grateful you are for all the good things that have happened to other people and animals as a result of his life with you, and he said, 'Tell E. I was just a vehicle. Without her love and "pizzazz",' and when he said 'pizzazz' I somehow understood that he means your work on the computer, your [unintelligible; "creating"?], your writing [his Catster diary], 'it wouldn't have happened. But I am *very* glad.' And he says that 'I know the connection between us was and is utterly special.'

"I said, 'E. told me that she asks the Universe to send you her love and her gratitude every day. And she wants to know if it arrives.' And he said, 'Of course! It comes like a vast wave, wave after wave, ranks, banks of waves and swirls.' And every time you start the wave again he says it amplifies.

"I said that you wanted to apologize for having misunderstood him at the beginning and that you felt you kind of missed it at the beginning. He really turns into Patrick then and he said, 'Oh, please, I'm lucky she didn't throw me out!' I thought I would fall off my chair! [laughter]

"As to the perspective of 'life on Earth,' was he really assigned here, and if so, does he need any pointers for his report, or is his report done, what's the verdict for us? . . . The reply is pretty brief and not very informative, but I just couldn't get anything else. He said, 'No, I was not assigned, exactly, I volunteered.' And that's all I get. I guess we don't get to know everything. [Fair enough.] . . . There is something a little other-worldly, not in the sense of other side, but other-worldly, other-planety . . . You may dream, you may get some info . . . [sic]

"I asked him your question about how much of the scene did he take in or did he feel right after euthanasia, and I asked him, 'Did you see E., were you aware of your body?' And he said he feels like he sort of exited out the head or almost close to the face, I guess his forehead. And it looks like he was on your lap and he says that he was surprised and he was completely pain-free and he kept on saying to you, 'It's all right, it's all right,' and then he said he sort of zoomed, he was zoomed away through a portal or something.

"I asked him if the flower essences helped and he said, 'Oh, yeah, they make shifts in consciousness easier. They helped connection and adjustment.' He told me they helped you too.

"I asked him, 'How much were you aware, did you see of the other side during your last days?' And he said that 'People -- cat people -- were waiting to help me. I knew that they were there before I left the body.' He felt like it was really easy to connect with them, like a committee.

"I asked him if he had to go to after-life school for orientation. That made him laugh. He said it's not exactly like that, although he says he's still having a sort of orientation as it were. He says, 'You go through a cleaning and healing process. It's done with music and sound.' They, whoever does this, performs it. He said you're just in complete comfort, divine comfort, and They, the Cleaners, adjust you, adjust your vibration, I think, to match the new environment. So there's a lot of tuning up, or something, that goes on, before you're just sort of turned loose; or maybe you're not ever turned loose, I don't know . . .

"I asked if he had a preference about his ashes, and he was so immersed in the cleaning and what a [unintelligible; "passionate"?] and hallowing experience that was that I kind of jerked him out of that a little bit . . . He did give it serious consideration and he says, 'The best thing would be whatever would please E.'

"I asked Patrick, 'Do you feel like there's anything we needed to cover, that you would like to say or any messages or whatever, and he said, 'Well, not really. Just tell E. that death is not the end, but of course she knows that.' Then I heard the words 'more anon,' which is so totally Shakespearean that I thought '*What?!*' So I actually muscle-tested, 'Is this really coming from Patrick?' and the answer is 'yes,' 'more anon.' So I don't know if you are to expect more communication in the future or what. So for what it's worth, there it is."

Oh Patrick, I don't know why my heart still breaks even knowing that you're okay.

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