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Niles Canyon and Alameda Creek

Niles Canyon and Alameda Creek

D. and I spent the afternoon in Niles Canyon, walking along part of Alameda Creek. We were a little early for the autumn foliage, but it was still pretty.

First up, my pics, then D.'s.

First we took a look at the Niles Canyon Railway tracks, opposite the road from the creek.

A view of the hills above the canyon.  There hasn't been enough rain yet to turn them green.

View upstream.  The creek was swollen from recent rain.

Views downstream.

The creek seemed to be above its usual banks.


Looking upstream to the bridge.

Looking across to the other side.  The remnants of a roadway lie partway up the bank.  Maybe it's the infamous secret sidewalk?

Graffiti under the bridge.

And then my camera battery died. 

❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧

Here's some pics D. took

Niles Canyon Railway tracks.

A satellite dish perched on the hills above the tracks.

The rocks by the creek were covered with lichen and moss.

Raccoon pawprints in the mud.


Some of the seismic retrofitting under the bridge.

More graffiti.

Editorial graffiti.

We see the brand of spray paint preferred by 9 out of 10 graffiti artists. 

A deer bone close to the creek.  A mountain lion has been nearby.

Horsetails and spearmint proliferate next to the creek.

More railway tracks.

A deer spine and leg close to the tracks; there is still hide on the bones.  The mountain lion ate it not too long ago.

Rat pawprints in the mud further downstream.

Winged seeds ripen on a maple.

Toyon berries.

Telegraph lines follow the railway tracks, the wires loose and rusted.

More tracks.

Someone's tent under another bridge.  I guess homeless people live out here. 

Yesterday's rain still lingers on mullein leaves.

Berries on a pepper tree.

Brightside used to be a fishing and picnicking spot along Alameda Creek long ago.  The Niles Canyon Railway has its railyard there now.

The beautiful hills.

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