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Planet Pain

Planet Pain

I finally have an appointment at the Stanford Pain Management Center!!!

I'm going in the day before Thanksgiving for a 90 minute evaluation.

Back in February I participated in the low-dose naltrexone treatment study at Stanford, hoping it might help. I didn't feel any reduction in pain.

In September I had an MRI done because the pain was getting so bad. My primary care doc decided to give me a referral to an integrative pain specialist, but both she and her office staff totally bungled the referral (not once, not twice, but three times giving me incorrect phone numbers [one of which was for the doctor's private residence ], and to top it off picking a doc who took worker's comp cases only), prolonging my status in limbo.

So I asked if I could just go to the Stanford pain clinic. My doc said yes but I had to get her referral back from the worker's comp case doc to send along to Stanford, because it included the MRI results and she wasn't about to spend another half an hour creating another referral packet. OK, fair enough. Fortunately D. was able to arrange that, and then I sat back and waited.

When I called Stanford on October 29th, they said they received my doctor's referral on October 10th and that I should be getting a call to schedule an appointment "any day now." I'll bet they would have sat on it for yet another week or two if I hadn't called them again yesterday.

And every day during this whole time, I've been in pain: a world of pain, a planet of pain, and I'm 100% sick of it. So we'll see what the Stanford pain clinic can do about that.

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