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Christmas Tree Lane

Christmas Tree Lane

Yesterday evening D. and I went to Christmas Tree Lane in Palo Alto to look at their holiday lights. Nearly every house was decked out in wreaths, lights and decorations, each one trying to outdo the others. Here's some pics D. took.

The 2-block stretch of Fulton St. had red streetlights and little Christmas trees all along the parking strip.

Pretty lights and jolly elves.

Reindeer prance on this lawn.

Wreaths of blue lights in every window.

The traditional Christmas folk dancers cavort beneath strings of blood-red lights on bare branches.  How . . . creepily festive . . . 

Santa and his sleigh pay a visit to this house.

This house had a Nutcracker theme.

A mash-up of magi, reindeer and star.

Mr. and Mrs. Snowperson.  Mr. Snowperson's spotlight was broken.

A literary theme at this house.

The traditional Christmas Smurfs.

Giant blood-red candy canes line the front walk at this house.

Here's Santa, with the traditional Christmas bear and Christmas rabbits.

This house had the traditional Christmas giant 5-headed rat in front.  (I think it's Nutcracker-related.)

They also had giant teddy bears in their front window.  It looked like a freakin' department store.

This house's wreathed facade was generously floodlighted (maybe a little too generously).  And what's Frosty smoking, anyway?  He looks awfully happy.

Even this vacant house undergoing construction made a token festive attempt.

We found a Santa of color displayed at this house.

More leaping reindeer at this house.

They also had the traditional Christmas choo-choo train . . .

And the traditional string of dreidel lights . . . I'm getting mixed messages . . .

A snowperson family, 2-D version . . .

. . . and 3-D version.

And solo, lighted twig-style . . .

. . . accompanied by some traditional Christmas twigs.

Here's some festive traditional Christmas suckers.

A tableau of Dickensian carolers.

Toward the end of our walk we wound up joining in with a small group of slightly tipsy carolers and singing Christmas songs with them on people's front lawns up and down the street for half an hour or so.

It's fun to sing with tipsy people! They can't tell if you're off-key, and they are even quite amenable to being talked into a different key altogether more suitable to your own voice. You can even convince them to sing "Deck the Halls" 3 times and they won't care!

Happy Yule! 

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