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Coastal Trail, Land's End, San Francisco

Coastal Trail, Land's End, San Francisco

Last Saturday, D. and I met with some friends for lunch, then we went to the section of the Coastal Trail that goes around Land's End in San Francisco. First up, my pics.

We had lunch at Tanforan Shopping Center, which used to be a racetrack.  There's a statue of a racehorse in the parking lot.  Maybe it's Seabiscuit? 

One the way to the Coastal Trail, we stopped for a few minutes at the Beach Chalet and admired its ornate balustrade of odd merpeople.

Land's End.  Lands End.  Whatever.  We'll put them in touch with Apostrophe Protection Society.

Habitat restoration in progress.

A view north into Marin County and Pt. Bonita.

Golden Gate Bridge; Angel Island in the background.

Ft. Point, situated by the south anchorage of the Bridge.

The nearby VA hospital looms above the treetops, almost completely obscured.

It was completed in 1934, in the so-called Mayan Deco style.

The late afternoon sun puts Helmet Rock and the edge of Mile Rock Beach into silhouette.

Sunset at Land's End.

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Here's D.'s pics.

The Farallones float offshore like a mirage out in the Pacific.

The zeppelin Airship Ventures circles in back of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Acacias are coming into bloom along the trail.

A cargo ship on its way into the Golden Gate.

A pair of oystercatchers in flight.

The setting sun puts the Golden Gate Bridge ablaze with ruddy light.

Dolphins cavort off China Beach, just outside the Golden Gate.

Shadowed Helmet Rock and the distant Farallones at dusk.

While taking a break from climbing the nearly 200 steps from Mile Rock Beach up to the Coastal Trail, we spied this peculiar cement thing with 4 tarred pipe-things sticking out of it (probably something left over from the military era).

A cypress-embraced North Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sunset at Land's End.

The Cliff House is the last thing in San Francisco before the vast Pacific, blue in the twilight.

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