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Tree Walk, Palo Alto Community Center Area

Tree Walk: Palo Alto Community Center Area

On Valentine's Day last weekend D. and I went on a tree walk in Palo Alto, organized by Canopy, a cool local tree advocacy group. Once a month they get a local tree expert to lead the public on free walks through selected neighborhoods in Palo Alto to look at the really cool and notable trees and talk about the proper care of them.

This walk's tree expert was Arborist Dave. He told us all kinds of stuff about the trees we saw.  My pics up first.

Our walk begins at the Palo Alto Children’s Library.

We see the rare heart tree, which blooms only one day a year.

The mottled bark of a London plane tree, a sycamore hybrid, constantly flakes off to reveal the white, smooth innermost bark.  It is a very popular street tree in the region, and is the most common shade tree in the United States.

A neighborhood dog has apparently passed away.  Rest in peace, Skippy.

Monterey pine flowers, soon to be pinecones.

Everything in Palo Alto is special!  They even have a magic forest! 

❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧

Here's D.'s pics.


Arborist Dave takes a close look at a weak crotch in one of the sweet gum trees along our route.

A pup accompanies someone in our group and causes barking to come from every house along the route with a dog inside.

The seed pod of a red-flowering gum, which used to be a classified as a eucalyptus.  Its spectacular red flower clusters and large seed capsules are ornamental and attractive.

An enormous Aleppo pine dwarfs everything underneath it.  These pines can grow to over 60' tall.

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