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Yesterday D. and I went to Filoli for him to photograph a room in the mansion decorated by one of his clients for the annual Filoli Flower Show. I tagged along and took some pics.

I think this is Quan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, in the library.

In the drawing room, this looks like a harpsichord that's been tarted up (and rendered unplayable) to display photographs.

The name of the estate embroidered on a section of a huge needlepoint tapestry room divider in the dining room.

A squirrel from another part of the tapestry.

The 18th    Century marble mantel in the reception room supports a couple of urns and a statue of Athena (I think).  Parts of large, elaborate floral arrangements poke into the picture on both sides.

A figure detail from a large Chinese screen in the hall, a dude having a ride on a crane.

Another crane-flying dude from the Chinese screen.

Three happy fish-riding dudes.  Judging from this screen, riding a fish is more fun than riding a crane. 

An ornate cornucopia carved into the corner of the large French Baroque-style fireplace in the ballroom.

This carved lion is ready to go on a prowl in the library.

A crewel rose embroidered on another enormous room divider screen.

And here are some real flowers, from the scores of floral arrangements throughout the house.

These orchids in the reception room look like they're yawning. 

A gracefully lush asymmetrical arrangement in the hall seems to give the peacock in the painting above it some competition.

I think this is supposed to be a topiary kitty in the ballroom, but I'm not quite sure exactly. 

It's a sunflower splosion in the ballroom!

Outside the house, a vine is free to undulate on its own around the base of a column, unarranged by the human hand.

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