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Watching Jets From Bayfront Park

Watching Jets From Bayfront Park

On Sunday, after doing an errand in San Francisco, D. and I visited Bayfront Park in Burlingame to watch the jets take off and land at San Francisco International Airport immediately to the north, as well as to enjoy the paved paths, fresh air and sunshine, and wildlife in the salt marsh at the edge of the Bay.  Here are some of the pics I took.

A hopeful pigeon prances at the edge of the trail, looking for a handout.

A United jet takes off to the west on an international flight.

An Air France double-decker Airbus A380 waits to take off.  Fully loaded, it weighs 1,265,000 pounds, or over 630 tons.

A Virgin America Airbus A320 comes in to land in front of the Air France jet.  That is not an optical illusion -- at 123 feet long, its entire length could fit onto one wing of the giant Air France A380.

A domestic flight takes off to the north.

The Air France jet begins its taxi to take off.  You can see the double-decker rows of windows.

Up, up and away.

A look at San Francisco Bay, and the salt marsh, south of the airport.

Another domestic flight takes off.

A different kind of wings are seen here -- a curlew, in this case, landing on a small islet in the marsh.  The noise from the jets doesn't seem to bother the birds.

A huge Japan Airlines Boeing 777 taxis from the international terminal toward the runway.  As huge as it is, it is still dwarfed by that enormous Air France double-decker Airbus A380.

A look at the weird wing of a British Airways Boeing 747 on the taxiway.

The British Airways jet taking off for Heathrow.

More wildlife at Bayfront Park -- snowy egrets, and a great egret in the Bay.

Finally, some weirdness screen-capped from the Google Maps satellite view of SFO -- two jets superimposed on each other give the appearance of a horrible crash, but it's just an imaging glitch.


Aquatic Park

Aquatic Park

On Sunday, after doing an errand in San Francisco, D. and I took a look at the WPA-era murals the Maritim Museum, after which we took a little walk in Aquatic Park.  Here are some of the pics I took.

One of a pair of carved wooden lions in the museum.  Lions were popular deck ornaments in the seafaring era.  This one dates from 1863.

Some of the murals and their details, depicting the fantastical undersea realms of the lost cities Mu and Atlantis.

After such a mind-bending experience, we go outside to stroll around Aquatic Park and the Municipal Pier.

What is the bay without gulls?

A view of Alcatraz.

Looking at the city from the Municipal Pier.

A sea lion pokes his head out of the water in Aquatic Park Cove.  Maybe he is Bitey McBiterson?

A western grebe is on patrol for little fish to eat.

Derpy pigeon is derpy.

A gull contemplates life on the Municipal Pier.

The masts and rigging of the old lumber schooner C. A. Thayer at nearby Hyde St. Pier thrust up into the afternoon sun.


India Basin Park

India Basin Park

On Saturday D. and I had a couple of errands to do in San Francisco, and afterward we took a little walk on the trail at India Basin Park.  Here are some of the pics I took while we were there.

A yellow daisy next to the parking lot seems to glow in the overcast afternoon.

A look up the shore, where an old power plant run by PG&E used to be.

A snowy egret strides through the shallows looking for fish to eat.

It's low tide.

A pigeon puffs up against the damp chill.

A dowitcher splashes in the water with its long, probing bill.

An anchor design in the trail looks pretty chewed-up.

A western gull perches atop a piling.

There are peculiar light posts sticking up in the vegetation, in clusters all along the trail.  We figure it is some sort of public art installation, but that's just a guess.

I'd love to see the effect when it's darker in the evening.

Clarkia, or farewell-to-spring, is part of a native plant restoration.

This plant's seed head looks like an abstract sculpture.

The Bay Trail.

A look back along the shore.

Benches along the trail have words about the local community and the creation of the park on their bases.

Difficult times.

Not so coincidentally, parts of the fence around the former power plant are the same shade of blue as the PG&E logo.

Another snowy egret looks for fish.

A huge flock of starlings roosts on the power lines next to the park.

The setting sun tells us it's time to leave.


Letterman Digital Arts Center

Letterman Digital Arts Center

On Sunday, after doing an errand in San Francisco, D. and I spent some time wandering the grounds at the Letterman Digital and New Media Arts Center in the Presidio.  Here are some of the pics I took.

First we visit the Yoda Fountain.

Very realistic he looks.

Next we see a statue of Eadweard Muybridge, honoring his pioneering work in photographic studies of motion.

Here is a statue of Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of television.

A look of intense concentration on his face.

The Palace of Fine Arts is visible beyond the grounds.

Mallards enjoy swimming in the duck pond.

Pigeons hang out nearby, hoping for crumbs of food.

What a handsome little duckie.

Duck yoga?

Arches with a maple leaf pattern cluster at one end of the pond.

Another look at the pond from the opposite side, with part of the Golden Gate Bridge somewhat visible in the background.

The original D.A.

The striking larva of a spotted tussock moth crawls around on a boulder near the pond.

The spines can sting, so look but don't touch!

The Great Seal on one of the piers at the Lombard Gate to the Presidio.


San Francisco Embarcadero

San Francisco Embarcadero

On Saturday after doing an errand in San Francisco, D. and I had a huge snafu in our plans and wound up spending some time on the Embarcadero instead of a quieter place to be, where I took some pics before I got too tired and had to stop.

The Ferry Building clock tower.

A tree full of starlings.

Pigeon feeding frenzy.

A western grebe bobs on the bay.

SF Bay Ferry Intintoli comes in to port.

Lights in a passageway catch the late afternoon sun.

A view of the bay near Pier 7.

Container ship MOL Motivator heads for the Port of Oakland.

A helicopter circles overhead.

Pilot vessel Golden Gate heads into port.

A western gull perches on a light on Pier 7, and then takes off.

A research vessel heads toward the Golden Gate.


Yerba BuenaGardens

Yerba BuenaGardens

On Saturday, after doing an errand in San Francisco, D. and I took a stroll through Yerba Buena Gardens, and I took some pics before I got too tired and we had to head home.

Fountains greet our approach.

The cityscape to the east.

The long reflecting pool of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Fountain.

Temporary fencing makes a serpentine line across the lawn.

Another cityscape view.

The SF Marriott Marquis hotel, once likened to a giant jukebox.

Shaking Man, by Terry Allen, has a bit of a problem.

The top of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is a quiet pool brimming over into a curtain of falls.

Repetition and symmetry.

Primroses in bloom.

Water steps, part of the MLK fountain.

A nearby skyscraper basks in the late afternoon light.

At a café across the street, pigeons wait to be served.

A couple obliges and leaves their half-eaten lunch behind, and the birds descend en masse to gorge on people food.

A hawk (possibly a juvenile Cooper's hawk) perches on a light fixture, looking for a pigeon to catch, seemingly undisturbed by all the human activity.


Spreckles Lake

Spreckels Lake

On Saturday after doing an errand in San Francisco, D. and I spent some time in Golden Gate Park to look at the bison paddock and hang out at Spreckels Lake for a little while before heading home.  Here's some of the pics I took.

The bison are a popular attraction in Golden Gate Park.  A herd has been there since the 1890s.

Spreckels Lake.

Buoys in the lake are for model yacht racing.

Lots of Western gulls in and around the lake.

An amorous pigeon tries to impress the ladies with his fancy dancing.

A couple of model yachts on the lake.

A Canada goose strides out of the water.

This mallard grabs a nap on one leg.

A couple of turtles and a mallard rest on a turtle-shaped artificial rock sticking out of the lake.

Another turtle tries to climb aboard the rock.

A buoy across the lake and its reflection.

A juvenile snowy egret looks for something to eat around the edge of the lake.